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10 Style Rules Men Must Break to Look Stylish

10 Style Rules Men Must Break to Look Stylish - Elegant Men's Fashion

Some standard fashion rules were made to be broken. And when it comes to men’s fashion, the rules should be learned and then apply it according to a personal taste.

You don’t have to follow style rules to look good. After all, you should be able to wear whatever looks cool and makes you feel your best, right?

You have to know what makes you stylish and what makes you horrible.

Style rules are not something that you have to always follow.

When you understand the basis of the style rules, you can break them.

Today, we will discuss some style rules that you need to break right away in this guide. Most importantly, if you are going to break the rules, then do it well and follow these guidelines.

Let’s Get Started!

1) Avoiding Pink Colors

Looking backward in history, a long time ago, men used to wear a lot of pink clothing. And then somehow it changed. According to gender-based color, pink is only for women in our society, and blue color is only for boys.

This is completely wrong. Men can also wear pink. It may not always be that appropriate for every occasion, but the pink color looks good on men.

10 Style Rules Men Must Break to Look Stylish - Elegant Men's Fashion

If you have got darker skin, you can go for pink color and wear it subtly. This color does compliment your skin. Pink colors are especially good for shirts and ties.

You can explore the pink color more as it is underutilized by many.

2) Matching Socks and Pants

Traditionally, matching your socks was essential, but not vital nowadays.

This rule comes from the idea of not breaking up the leg line of a man by a clashing color, and it looks perfect down to the exact point where your shoes start.

When it comes to fashion and style, one can indeed suppose it’s up to the wearer to decide whether he will match his socks to his pants or not.

Matching your socks with your pant gives a seamless transition from pant to shoe. Still, we would recommend you experiment with crazy patterns and colors.

There are different options out there when it comes to socks. So try out and be playful with colors.

3) Don’t Wear Boots With a Suit

A man should not wear boots with a suit,” leave this rule behind or throw it in the dustbin. Many guys have less knowledge to rock the combination as best as they can.

Boots can also be paired with a suit to significant effect.

They give you a classic look to your outfit. All you need to know is how to wear boots with a suit. You can go with a pair of Chelsea Boots, Cowboy Boots, Chukka Boots, and Combat Boots.

It will be a great combination, and you are going to rock.

4) Never Wear Bold Patterns to the Office

Your office wardrobe should reflect who you are.

With patterns, it’s a great way to prevent yourself from getting into a style rut. If you expect to wear a business suit every day for work, you should buy at least two or three more of different colors.

You can go with some simple straight dark navy color suit with a punched pattern tie or bow tie. Trust us, it will add some emotions and express your personality. It will change your overall look!

5) Never Mix Black and Brown Color

Black and brown color looks super dynamite and is one super color combo. These two neutral colors complement each other to create a sophisticated outfit.

The shades of black and brown look great together. Throw out the old rules when people told you never to wear black with brown. Some fashion rules are meant to be broken.

As long as the styling is done right, anyone can pull off any color combination. And believe us, any color combination is a good color if done right!

6) Don’t Wear White After Labor Day

Another fashion rule to break is not wearing white after labor day. It’s ok to wear white after labor day. Labor Day marks the official end of summer, so the rule is made not to wear white after that day.

If you sweat too much, you can avoid white colors as your personal choice so far. You can wear white in the fall and any time of the year.

Don’t just believe these outdated fashion rules and follow like a fool!

7) Match Shoes With Your Belt


It doesn’t have to be an exact match. Matching always doesn’t mean actual color and shade. You can feel free to mix in some different colors and materials now and then.

You have to be well known that confidence is the best accessory that any man could own.

Elegant Men's Fashion

For formal occasions, everyone knows the rule. It should probably match.

When you are dressing in a casual style, then you can express your style in many ways. It doesn’t have to necessary to match your shoes and belt.

8) Not wearing Denim Jackets with Jeans 

It is acceptable to wear a denim jacket only on one condition.

That’s gonna be, the denim on your jeans and a jacket should have to be in two different colors. If you don’t wear different colors, then it looks like you are wearing a denim suit. And it’s not fair, right?

You can wear the jeans in black color and your denim in light blue color. There should be a fair amount of contrast between the two pieces. Seriously you will rock this style!

9) Match your Metals and Leathers

Most of the time in our life we have the same thoughts about matching metals and leathers. If you are wearing a silver wedding band, then we gotta wear a silver watch.

After that, we came to realize that it’s not the necessary rules to be followed. Combining metals seems incredible. There are so many watches which have two-tone colors.

Do you think they didn’t work? Absolutely yes! It works.

10) Wear a Suit only with a Necktie

This is also one of the next rules you can ignore, wearing a suit with a necktie. You always have to do it.

If you have got an interview with a super conservative company, everyone will wear a suit. In that case, you want to show that you are a part of the team and understand the culture.

10 Style Rules Men Must Break to Look Stylish - Elegant Men's Fashion

But despite that, if you simply like to wear suits, then why not rock that suit without a necktie. It is not necessary to wear a necktie.

Instead, you can accessorize in other ways like, with jewelry, you can bring in a pocket square.

Show attention towards the style and culture, and at the same time, you don’t need to have the necktie to look good.


We all need to know that the fashion industry is full of old rules and guidelines about how men should dress.

But in today’s context, these are not relevant.

Sometimes you should break the rules to look more stylish. To stand out in the crowd, know your style and know which one to break out.

Believe us, any rules can be broken if you do look fabulous in a particular ensemble!

Have you discovered any horrible rules that need to break out?

If you believe that we need to add some more points, then, we are just an email or a message away.

Let’s Connect.

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